We want to thank all the people who helped this exhibition take shape.

We thank:
● The Rousso Family for the photographs and the documentary film “Trezoros: The Lost Jews
of Kastoria” they allowed us to use. This was the trigger for the accomplishment of this
● The Mevorach Family for the photographs that they allowed us to use.
● Mrs. Andrea Matza Grass for the videos she let us use with the Bοcko Mayo’s visit to Kastoria
in 1937.
● Mr. Martin Elias for the videos he conceded us to use with the Victor Hazan’s visit to Kastoria
in 1936 (Shot by Sam Elias).
● Mrs. Tsolaki (Panos’ Tsolakis wife, professor emeritus of Architecture in Aristotle University
of Thessaloniki) granted us permission to use her husband’s drawings.
● Mr. Christos Kavadas for the documents he let us use from his archives.
● Mr. Spyros Anagnostou for the documents and photographs that he gave us from his
● Mrs. Meropi Sotiropoulou Maggel for the permission she gave us to use her paintings, as
well as photographs.
● Maestro Mr. Kostis Papazoglou for the permission to use the songs “Adio Kerida” and the
orchestral piece of music “ La Djovenika al Lager” that are heard on the homepage of the
● Mrs. Mariangela Chatzistamatiou for her permission to use her recordings of sephardic
songs which became part of the exhibition.
● Mrs. Annabell Esdra for the translation of the exhibition’s texts in English
● Mrs. Jane Elias for the editing of the english texts.
● Mrs. Venetia Bakari for the photographs she gave us to use.
● Mr. Evanghelos Chekimoglou for his help in the part of the exhibition which refers to the
business activity of the Jewish community of Kastoria in Thessaloniki.

Generally, we thank all those who gave us inspiration to materialize this exhibition with their texts.

The magazine “Chronika ” of KISE (Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece), the books of
Thrassivoulos Papastratis, Esther Franco, Berry Nachmia, Panos Tsolakis and Michael Molcho.

The following bibliography is directly related to the Jewish presence in Kastoria

● Papastratis, Thrasivoulos. Δάκρυα στην λίμνη.. Ιστορία των εβραίων της Καστοριάς (Tears
in the lake.. History of the Jews of Kastoria), KISE, Athens 2010
● Tsolakis, Panos. Η εβραϊκή συνοικία της Καστοριάς (The Jewish quarter of Kastoria),Ed.
Dedousi, Thessaloniki 1994
● Nahmia, Berry. Κραυγή για το αύριο (Cry for tomorrow), Alexandria, Athens 2020
● Franco, Esther. Το παιχνίδι των ρόλων και η δεύτερη γενιά του Ολοκαυτώματος
(Role-playing and the second generation of the Holocaust), Odos Panos, Athens 2012
● Molho, Michael. Histoire Des Israelites De Castoria, Thessaloniki 1938